About Us:

The scale and speed of the COVID-19 pandemic represents an unprecedented scenario in the era of modern medicine. Our knowledge, the available data, and current resources are changing constantly. The epidemic vastly outpaces our normal information-sharing and consensus processes. Medical organizations can no longer convene in large groups, and even if they could, their recommendations could be outdated in days.

We are a team of over 50 Brigham and Women’s Hospital physicians, respiratory therapists, pharmacists, and nurses from multiple different divisions. We compiled the first iteration of these guidelines in less than a week, and have been refining and updating since then. We are making this public in order to share the best of our current understanding with everyone who might benefit, and equally to learn from others’ information and experiences. The whole world is grappling with this unfolding challenge; we believe that the fastest way to get everyone the best care possible is openness and collaboration.

We want your feedback and assistance. Please share your practice patterns, new data, other guidelines, and new or missing literature. Our editors and experts will review this information and integrate it as soon as possible.

We hope this pandemic brings with it a new era of collaboration and speed in Evidence-Based Medicine.

Guidelines for use: